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Water Words

Name: ______________________________________

The presence of these compounds in groundwater may indicate a septic system is faulty
A site that must be cleaned up due to impacts on the environment and people
Impermeable layers(s) placed over tailings or a landfill to prevent groundwater contamination
Event that caused tailings to be deposited at Milltown Dam in 1908
Describes the use of a natural resource that will eventually result in the loss of that resource
The area where a stream starts
Water soaking into the ground
The very top of the zone of saturation (2 words)
Place where a river enters the ocean
Confluence of the Marias and Missouri Rivers (2 words)
Where two rivers join together
Source of groundwater contamination at the smelter in East Helena
Material that contains methane gas in Wyoming and eastern Montana and
Describes a rock layer or material that will not let water into it
An underground rock formation (layers or sediments) that contains groundwater
Area in an ocean or lake that has no dissolved oxygen
Automated station that records snowfall amounts
Aka sewage
A measure of how much space is available for water in a rock or sediment
These minerals contribute to acid mine drainage
The flat area near a river that is prone to flooding (2 words)
Wise use of a natural resource
Evaporation of water through plants
Largest Montana tributary of the Missouri River
Name of dog that used to live around the Berkeley Pit
A smaller river that flows into a larger one
Lake formed as a meandering river makes a short-cut (2 words)
Fan-shaped deposit of sand and silt that forms at the mouth of a river
Watershed that is primary source of water for Helena
The smallest type of sediment
Man-made structure that transports water to Chessman Reservoir
An embankment built to prevent flooding
Imaginary line that separates watersheds
Place where water is coming out of the ground
Unit used to express the volume of water flowing in a river
Solid waste product of sewage treatment
Watery waste product of sewage treatment
Government agency that monitors stream flow