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Effectively Wild Crossword

You sort by it.
Sam's destination
D. Mountain.
Non-revelatory ____.
Stompers type of league.
Important bat preparation device.
Spring tradition.
New EW heartthrob.
He wins every time.
Not talked about.
Eaten strangely.
Amount of minutes the podcast was supposed to take.
Not yet banned.
Often deviated from.
Hosts the podcast.
The best type of question.
____ Figueroa, guest in Episode 843.
2nd in 1951 AL MVP voting.
Stompers head honcho.
A fun place to eat every day.
Kill it!
Bill ____, guest in Episode 964.
Ballpark feature.
A spin rate source.
Dylan Higgins helps do it.
Guest and boss.
Strange place Jeff likes to go.
Way to get your questions answered.
First episode title.
Home of a very bad baseball team.
He does both.
Snappy HOF stat.
Sammy Byrd was his legs.
Like Johnny and Eddie O'Brien.
What hot seats should do, really.
Our lord and savior.
The best sports bureau.
Episode 762 topic.
Which way round?
The story stat.
The Only ____ Is It Has To Work
Albers and Webb stat.
Place to find article ideas.
Symbol for an adjusted stat.
What happens to ships.
Baseball show.
Here's today's...
(Stompers song.)
Sam wrote about one in the outfield.
Which way round?
Ballpark feature.
West coast host.
Stompers song.
Impolite way to interview someone.
Think about it to be good at podcasting.
Batting stat.
Join today!
Such is baseball, such is ____.
They don't always get what Sam is going for.
_______ Saldivar.
Game format.
Sam's studio.
Stat-friendly baseball group.
Ben goes on this network.
Pitchers get in and out of it.
Easy acronym.