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Muhammad Ali

He was a member of the Nation of _____
Famous slogan of Ali:"Float like a butterfly, sting link a ___."
Boxing weight class
What was Ali's strategy in the boxing ring?
Birth name
Suffered from this disease
Ali was the heavyweight champion how many times?
Mother's name
State he was born in
In 1960 Ali took an anti-draft stance and didn't want to take part in the ____war because of his religious beliefs.
Name of his daughter
Who did Ali defeat in our lesson today through the illustration
His boxing name
In 1973 what broken body part did a powerful boxer at #21A leave Ali?
In May 2000 Congress passed the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act, which among other things, promotes ____competition in boxing.
Month in which Ali entered the ring for his last professional fight, in 1981.
Where did he win his gold medal?
High School graduated
What was stolen from Ali that inspired his career at 12yrs old?
How many times was he married?
Biggest fear
What month was he born?
How many amateur fights did he win?
"___the Greatest!"-Muhammad Ali