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Florida's Coastal Birds

Breeding males have a bright red throat pouch
Numbers are dropping partly due to improved garbage disposal
Drags its' lower bill along the water while flying to catch small fish
White as a juvenile, it always has a two-tone beak
Hawk that likes to nest on tall man-made structures. it is also known as "fish hawk"
Yellow and black pattern on its' head, it is also known as "crab eater"
One of many species whose numbers have dropped with the conversion to incinerators for trash
On the beach, they run back and forth in sync with the waves
Has a hooked bill, often seen on channel markers drying its wings
Usually in groups, they use their reddish pink curved bills to probe for their prey
Tallest of the wading birds at 50 inches
Use same nest site every year, and they are known to steal other creature's catches
Diet consists mostly of flying insects including those that sting
Uses its chisel-like red bill to pry open its bivalve dinner
Endangered due to habit loss and predation, they run on the shore with orange legs, and nest in the sand
Feeding by plunge-diving, Swallows its' catch head first
Almost went extinct due to its plumage, wears yellow boots.
Distinguishes itself from others by the double "cah" sound it makes
Ambassador for the Peace River Wildlife Center
Use "broken wing" act to detract intruders from nest
Nicknames are "water turkey" and "snake bird", it's name means "devil bird"