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The Lord of the Flies

As the hunters become more ___ they start to ignore the fire.
Who can no longer even remember their address at the end?
What was the nickname of the littlest kids on the island?
What was the original name of the boys in the black coats and hats led by Jack?
What was Ralph's fathers position in the navy?
The twins are called this one joint name.
Piggy's most common action was to _____ his glasses.
The Lord of the Flies represents ___.
His spectacles were used to light the first fire.
What was the name of the gash in the jungle where the plane crashed?
The first boy to die was known for having what on his face?
Who calls the assembly to discuss the beast?
At first, the boys thought that the island was a what?
Piggy constantly reminds Ralph of being ____.
The Lord of the Flies is a ___ head.