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Do you know Calculus and its History?

This Greek mathematician used the method of exhaustion
The value that a function approaches from either the left or the right side
The _____ rule states that the derivative of f(g(x)) = f'(g(x))(g'(x))
The _____ of a function shows its rate of change, or slope of the tangent line at a specific point.
You can not take the derivative at an _____ ____ point
Isaac ______ and Gottfried Wilhelm developed infinitesimal calculus.
The point of _______ occurs where a function changes from concave up to concave down, or vise versa.
A(t) in particle motion represents _____
Differentiability implies _____, but _____ does not imply differentiability
An accumulation function, the antiderivative
Any time where the derivative is equal to 0 is called a _____ _____
V(t) in particle motion represents _____
S(t) in particle motion represents _____
______ De Fermat developed a method for determining maximums and minimums
The ____ value theorem states that if f(x) is continuous on the interval [a,b] and is differentiable on the interval (a,b) then there is a value c that a<c<b and f'(c) = f(b)-f(a) / b-a
The terms sine, cosine and tangent were conceived in this country