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Byzantine and Islam Crossword

Head of the Eastern Orthodox church today
Muslim house of worship
People with no permanent home
Mecca is in the country of
Islamic law code
Holy book of Islam
Constantinople eventually fell to the
When culture is spread through trade
Muslims must pray this many times a day
Constantinople was major center for what type trade
Secret weapon the Byzantines used against invaders
Language of the Byzantine Church
Strait that runs through Constantinople
Arabs traveled to Mecca in order to pray at this ancient shrine
This pillar means to make a pilgrimage to Mecca
a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water.
Angel who spoke to Muhammad
This geographical landscape makes up most of the Middle East
Used to travel across deserts and carry heavy loads
Leaders of the Arab Muslim Empire
When the Roman empire fell, the eastern part became known as
Muhammad first conquered the city of
This was a series of laws that later inspired European and modern day law codes
Made homes in the desert
Modern day capital of the Byzantine Empire
Central church of the Byzantine Empire
Its meaning means "a person who sumbits"
Name of the time period of learning and advances
Leaders of the non-Arab Muslim Empires
The larger of the two groups of Muslims
The head of the roman catholic church
Justinian's wife
Muslims face this city when they pray each day
The Smaller of the two groups of Muslims
Language of the Roman Church
The Arabic word for God