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The Great Gatsby

Teacher: Mrs. Salata
Gatsby's real name is
Nick and Gatsby live here
Tom and Daisy live here
Gatsby's house has this in the backyard.
Fantasy or reality? George wants to take Myrtle West to get away from everything.
One thing Gatsby does not do at his own parties.
George and Myrtle live here.
The Valley of the Ashes is described as spasms of ________ _________.
Myrtle is killed by Daisy driving the
Tom and Daisy live in a Georgian ____________.
Owl eyes symbolizes the ability to see beyond ______________.
He told George who owned the yellow car
"I'm pretty ______________ about everything." is what Daisy says to Nick at their first meeting.
Valley of the Ashes symbolizes this
Fantasy or reality? Myrtle acts like she has money when she goes to town with Tom
When seeing Gatsby's house, Daisy is most impressed with/emotional about his
Fitzgerald uses the idea of an __________ to represent looking pure and unblemished on the outside, while being corrupt on the inside.
Gatsby's house is an ____________ of a hotel in Normandy.
Fantasy or reality? Gatsby's funeral is only attended by a few people.
West Egg represents new money which is _____________ in its origin, pretentious and glittering to attract attention.
Gatsby dream symbolizes the American Dream and an ______________ ______________.
One thing Nick hears from his neighbors about Gatsby.
One of the three who attended Gatsby's cemetery service
Daisy can best be described as _____________.
The majority of Gatsby's money comes from
Fantasy or reality? Tom is angry that women get around too much and that his wife is having an affair.
East Egg is symbolic of ______ ________ and the prestige that goes with it.
Nick tells the reader that Tom, Daisy and Jordan are
Gatsby learned the dangers of alcohol from
Myrtle married George because she thought he had __________.
Gatsby's father tells Nick that Gatsby had a big __________ ahead of him.
When Nick sees Gatsby for the first time he is staring at a __________ light.