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Common black flying mammals
Black ones cause bad luck
Used to make a simple ghost costume
Shape similar to a squished circle
Libya and Qatar are members of it, abbrv.
___ lunch (2 words)
___ Jeans
Frog in spanish
Common clothes item for females
Common phrase said on October 31
Shubert's "The ___ King"
Cry for ___
Famous bounty hunter from the Start Wars series
Kubrick film based on a Nabokov book
"Mr. Blue Sky" rock gp
Common Halloween treat of a fruit coated in sugar
Bela Lugosi's role in "The Ghost of Frankenstein"
Suffix with fruct-
Hitting an open palm
A popular song around Halloween
Opposite of West Nothwest
"We ___ World"
To burn without a flame
Famous videogame console around the mid 1980's, from the Nintendo company
Common fabric used to make sweaters
Suffix with ranch in spanish
Common Halloween decoration
Tart apple juice
"Believe ___ Not!"
Oppisite of "you blind"
"The ___ of the storm"
Rison d'___
Birthstone of someone born on Halloween
"Santa's Naughty ___ (plural form)"
A lot of this is at a beach, it gets everywhere
Chuck who coached the Steelers to 4 Superbowl wins
Lash of lightning
To state to be the case
Pieces of a pizza
Popular Toyota model
Formal report from IBM to customers, abbrv.
8th, 9th, ___
To cause great fear in someone
Old term for a fizzy drink
To cause physical pain
"Summer" in French
Flying saucer fliers, for short
Agreements that most people skip, abbrv.
Ray who build McDonald's into a giant
Jazz great Fitzgerald
Something in a slopping position
"Relax, soldier!"
"___, The friendly ghost!"
Another way of saying "Yo, dude!"
Bill Clinton's Vice President
"It's ___ business"
___ about (approximately)
Forerunners of CDs
Thumbs-up votes
Plural of "yea"
The three letters after Q
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, abbrv.
Participated in an ugly campaign
Main feature in a rhinoceros
Skin moisturizer and softener
Migrants in "The Grapes of Wrath"
Led Zeppelin's "Whole ___ Love"
Thing said of done for amusement
Marcos Ortega's stage name
Hockey Hall of Famer Phil to his fans
Opposite of Imaginary
A 1994 American drama film starring Jodie Foster
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, abbrv.
3 in Roman Numerals
A dentist's degree