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Florida Fun Facts By Paula Caplin

Answers on Pelican Bay HOA Website
Florida's sea cow
Florida's newest city
Southernmost city in Florida
Palm Beach national historical landmark built by Marjorie Post
Westernmost city in Florida
The Florida state fair is held here
Oldest settlement in the USA
Gulf coast city - one of the wealthiest in the USA
Number of counties in Florida
Florida state animal
State tree of Florida
Florida's oyster capital
Home of Salvadore Dali museum
A Florida timezone
Florida's State Bird
Drink developed by U of Florida researchers
He was well known for his polydacytl cats
Official dessert of Florida
Home to Barnum & Bailey circus
State fruit of Florida
State Capital
U.S. Space Agency with location on Merritt Island
Daytona International Speedway's shape
Florida's Nickname
Number of time zones in Florida
Experimental prototype community of tomorrow