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Microsoft acronym for removal of doubles
Eat, past tense
Currency trading, abbr.
Johann S. ___
John ___, governor
City in French speaking Belgium
June 6, 1944
Exotic Bohemian clothing company
A potter
Band with an album called "AM"
Another name for Tahitians
Camping gear retail store
Pouch within an animal or plant usually containing a fluid
Reggae band from the 80's
Org. dedicated to researching pre-17th Europe
Slang for Samoan; brother
Simon of Uncle Toms Cabin
Pizza-like meal
Girdle of Jewish priest
Attach a body part, again
Science abbr.
Medication originally known as stilboestrol, abbr.
Song without words
Online shoe store
When food goes bad
Drink for dehydration
Miley Cyrus pseudonym
Way to accomplish a task
___ Diamond, singer
Covered in snake-like plants
Sense of reality
Tracking format
Baseball player from 1911-1915
Look up
An immoral act
City in the Netherlands
Territory in Western India
Plumlike fruit tree
Tempo of a song
Rock band from the 80's
Group of people playing a sport
Impose a law
Sheet of floating ice
Remove doubts
Internal combustion engine part
Album by Vald
City in ancient greece
College in Malaysia abbr.
Song by Devin Martin
Goddess of Oromo people
Game of strategy played by 2 people against each other
What happens when you forget sunscreen
Frozen of 51 Across
Affirmative answer
S. Korean cable company
Latin word for write
Ancient Greek for new
Town in Switzerlamd
Pus-filled bump
Test reader
River in France
A hallowed spot
Disney princess
Stiff bristle
Country in Europe
Back of an animal
Textile fabric
Engineering company
Pitch and duration of a sound
Comes from cows
Skin care company
Chop or cut
Clumsy, dumb fellow