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Islam Review Project

By: Taber Quigley
The place of Islamic Worship.
One of the 5 Pillars: Faith.
One of the 5 Pillars: Charity.
Required actions that Muslims must take.
The Prophet of Islam.(Same as Down 1)
The name used for Islamic Prayer leader.
One of the 5 Pillars: Pilgrimage.
The Arabic Term for God.
Forbidden actions in Islam.
The prophet for Islam.(Same as Across 9)
The Islamic Holy Book, filled with revelations from the Prophet.
Supplement to the Qur'an, stories and eye witness accounts of the Prophet.
One of the 5 Pillars: Prayer.
One of the 5 Pillars: Fasting.
Made from Light. Created specifically to do God's will.
The Islamic word for Faith.
The place of the Prophet's birth and also the Most Holy City.
Permissible and Neutral actions.