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American History 3

2nd US president
18th US president
Soccer mom's vehicle, for short
Palin's "Going _____: An American Life"
Turned down, simmering
One-third of a Latin 1 conjugation
Writer of 67 across (two words)
Cut, chop, hack, hew
Capital of UT
Expression of vague consequence (two words)
Online slang for "I'll return in a moment"
Start of school or historic
Rod's pair in fishing
Costello's debut album: "My _____ True" (two words)
Private who needed saving in 1998 movie
Prevents one from catching a few Z's
Sharp-pointed dueling swords
Nightengale, Henderson or Welch, for short
The result of spending more than you make; the US has a large one
16th US president
Nautical term for a boat that is agile and easily maneuvered
Cares for, looks after
Doone, of cookie fame
Thin, narrow piece of wood
The one who gets the money
Movie critic's thumbs-up: "It's _____" (two words)
Originally called, born
High IQ group
Female sheep
Not tidy or cared for
Pendulum's pair in Poe's prose
Not keeping the chuckles inside (acronym)
1775-76 pamphlet advocating independence from Great Britain
There's this in 65 down (two words)
44th US president
Cowboy's rope of choice
Wilson, Landers or Curry
10th US president
Could put the USPS out of business
Garfunkel, Linkletter or Carney
Homer's interjection
"A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away..."
In secrecy, it's often the word
With Newton, co-founded the Black Panther Party
Republican party (acronym)
Adenine, cytosine, guanine and uracil can be found here
American boxer-activist, nee Clay
Something that is off-limits or not acceptable (typically hyphenated)
Silly or annoying person
Washington's winter quarters in 1777-78 (two words)
Otis, Lee or Alonzo Stagg
Casual negative response
States where you can find Columbia and Baton Rouge (two abbreviations)
To do this is human
Family from classic American TV series from 1969 to 1974
Revoke or annul, as with a congressional act
American inventor of lightning rod and bifocals
American soldiers fought here from 1955 to 1975
Burst of energy that can affect unshielded electronics (acronym)
Company that measures TV viewing audiences in the US
Popular wreath of flowers presented upon touching down in Hawaii
Six, in Italy
Advertising phrase for never-before-seen (two words)
America's 1972 song "A Horse With _______" (two words)
A thing done; a deed; could be random
Late-night variety show that premiered in 1975 (acronym)
Special Ed document in public schools (acronym)
USPS form for movers (acronym)
Change the color of something, like hair
Golfers need it to drive
TV channel covering athletic events since 1979
Theme park at Walt Disney World, known as a "permanent world's fair"
Neil Sedaka intended to march his "Calendar Girl" down the this
Thinner and longer of the two bones in the human forearm
The non-midnight 12 o-clock
Jones, Keith or Flenderson
This is what you're supposed to take one for
Petit or grand, as in seizures
French for Mrs.
Pole used to row or steer a boat through water
US intelligence agency specializing in signals intelligence (acronym)
Federal program designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people with little or no income (acronym)
The final stages of a product's existence (acronym)