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On the Beat: Literature's Iconoclasts

___ normal
Oh my god, really?
Combo bet
Polish, e.g.
Classic death metal album ___ of Madness
Secured a fractured bone
Green Day's major label debut album
Beat up?
Word origin, abbr.
So long, ___ ___ meet again
Ft. and cm., e.g.
Mini marsupials
It frequently updates
Positivism founder Auguste
Beat of the heart?
Western native
___Con, YouTuber event
Have no ___s about
Spanish bear
German name, contraction of Rudolf
Giants' home
Bubbe-___, or old wives' tales
Copper oxide
Beat down?
Whigs' opponents
Pub crawl
Kitchen smells
To Kill ___ ___bird
Top Gun inspiration
May be left- or right-handed
Opposite of NNW
Like "password" password
Home of Congress
Shop ___ ___ drop
"Be proud!"
Samoan chief
Mischievous mythical creature
Communist protest group
Spanish father
Designer watch brand
___-D-too of Star Wars
Hindu goddess of wealth
Short aria
Suffix with anal, British form
Abner or Uzi Vert, e.g.
Army of unrecognized Burmese state, abbr.
Wait a ___!
Rower's apparatus
Hi MTV, welcome to my ___
Less even
Are Alice and Bob an ___?
Even shorter
Motor homes
Frequently asked questions, but out of order
Beat Generation ___, the theme of this puzzle
In a bit
"Has it expired?"
Impress your man; ___ ___ world
Hair or nail extensions
Forged "orange" rhyme?
Describes chicken scratch
They cost more than a dollar
In between meals
Jungle girl of Green Mansions
Cleaver kid of the 50s-60s sitcom, for short
Title of Jesus, abbr.
Circumference-radius ratio