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The Great Gatsby crossword By: quentin glover

Daisy's husband
The woman who hit Myrtle with a car.
Gatsby changed his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby at age ____
Nick first introduced himself to Tom Buchanan as a _______
The author of The Great Gatsby
The man who killed Gatsby
The story's protagonist
Where the story takes place
Gatsby's father
Despite being popular hardly anyone showed up to Gatsby's _____
Gatsby was known for throwing magnificent _____
The protagonists mysterious yet popular neighbor
Mr. Wilson's wife
Gatsby's shady business partner
Gatsby sometimes reffered to himself as an _____
Many ____ surround The Great Gatsby
Nick's love interest
Gatsby was found ____ in his swimming pool
Gatsby was very ____ among the residents of West Egg Long Island
Gatsby's legal name.