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A fancy poptart
Rivals with guns have a _____
Fix your car
You decide what you wanna do
Communist party policymakers
utensil used for eating cereal
dude who dresses like a lady
A skilled move
king wears this on his head
group of people playing instruments
Fancy word for adventurous
Small, tiny, neat
A bloodsucking insect
A rock that falls from space
Shell of a turtle
Military leader know for being short
The sharp end of something
Super scared
When you do this you miss the bus or are late for class
A fancy word for prayer
Skill that you have is your _____
Person who can tell you about your diet or that you're eating too much candy
Steel that can not be stained
Feeling guilty
weird looking glass that holds wine
A cheap or thrifty person
People who drive boats
using something improperly or harming it