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Animal Farm

Teacher: mr.johnson
Husks of corn.
Superior; above others
Easy to control or influence
A person who collects taxes
Deserving or causing disgrace or shame.
Morally ignoble or base/dirty or filthy.
Requiring considerable effort and time.
Not capable of being altered.
No to be controlled or restrained.
Utterly clearly indistinct syllables.
Given, gradually, or allowed only reluctantly or resentfully
Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power.
Of, or relating to, or characteristic of a parasite.
Small room where food is cleaned before sent to kitchen
Helps describe something that happens to a person after they die
A small wood or thicket
A group or clique within a larger group.
A state of rest, sleep or tranquility.
To make a detailed statement
A practice or art of language with fluency and aptness.
A reason given in justification of course of action
Dissenting, especially from the opinion of the majority.
To takeout of place of interment.
Having hidden meaning; mystifying.
Of the gait,speech or behavior.
A feeling or condition of hostility, hatred; ill will.
Stubbornly adhering to an attitude.
Intense hatred and a strong desire to do harm.