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nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes and Stories
An Israeli dance where the performers form a ring
Excuse for not knowing what you are doing yet. "I _ _" (two words)
There is a _ of story books on the shelf
The princess treasured her _ earrings
Maori for calluses or chafing
Little red monster in Sesame Street
Handsome in french
Money in Europe
Why were the ink drops so sad? Because their mother was in _ _ and they didn't know how long the sentence was going to be. (2 words)
Complete the line in the nursery rhyme"It's raining it's pouring the..." (four words)
An egg of a head lice
_ _ one of Regina Spektor's songs (two words)
I sent the information with an _
When Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall all of the _ tried to fix him. (abbr.)
A gymnast who received 7 perfect tens in the Montreal Olympics
A river found in NE China
Synonym for enchanted, unreal. Elves and fairies and other _ creatures.
An elevated highway
Much _ about nothing
Robin Hood's preferred weapon
A cry for help using Morse Code ... --- ...
A carrier pigeon who saved 200 American lives "Cher _"
The shape of King Arthur's table
Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Rabbit kept ending up at the _ when they were trying to get out of the forest.
Here's an easy one: Republic Broadcasting Network for short.
There was a _ on the name of Voldemort in Harry Potter
The lowest form of humor :)
Acronym for the United Nation's response to the changing environmental markets.
Subjected to a forfeit
A TV network
The next line in the nursery rhyme from 20 across. (four words)
The smallest component of an element
Showy or elaborate display
Brand of waffles
King Tut's ...
Her grandpa turned the pages of the story book with his, tired, old, "_____atoid arthritis" hands
Comic book series written by Alan Moore.
Finish the nursery rhyme "The roads are good and the weather's grand, so I'm off to play in the _ band"
The newly wedded king and queen walked down the...
_ on the kindness.
What you will hear if you yell 64 across into a cave.
German automobile manufacturer
Another name for an electric catfish
Graduates of a school
Her smile vanished when he said "Your knights in shining armor _ coming"
A demigod in Disney's Moana
Humpty Dumpty and LIttle Bo Peep are examples of this type of rhyme.
Response to 50 down "It _ me!"
Complete the nursery rhyme: "The slain are silent, and silent were the shafts of the nimble Gnomes of Nargothrond, who word or whisper warded sleepless from their homes deep hidden, that "_" never was to Bauglir brought.
A letter short of the goddess of hope.
Said at the end of a prayer, means I believe.
To cause pain or uneasiness
The sounds pigs make on Old McDonald's Farm
The king will _ a new law upon the land
Types of _ include colored pencil, oil pastels, and acrylic paints
Robin Hood pretended to use one of these to fool the king (two words)
Drink: Mountain _
Dopey from Snow White is an example.
A metrical foot consisting of two syllables, a short one followed by a long one. (plural)
The 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet (plural)
Friend or _?
Drink habitually
The flowers will _ in the spring
Theft is considered a _
Detective with a raincoat, a glass eye, and the answer to every mystery
What kids like to jump into after a storm
A dam found in India
The largest Swiss bank (abbr.)
This advice is of _ _ to me
Jesus Christ Superstar falls under this category of music
A kid's complaint: "He _ _" (two words)
Archaic version of have
The most decorated African football player of all time.
An explosive device
To pull or draw with force
A fictional tree first mentioned in Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead.
This story will last through the _
It's raining cats and _