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The Great Gatsby Review

Name:  _________________________________
Nick compares Gatsby's house to a hotel in ___.
According to Jordan, what large parties have that small parties lack
Dr. Eckleberg's eye color
Gatsby's "great expression" for Tom (2 words)
Nick thinks that people at Gatsby's parties behave according to the rules of ___ parks.
Nick think's Daisy's voice sounds like ___.
At dinner at the Buchanans' house, Daisy claims that Tom caused her to have a black and blue ___.
Business Nick is in
What George wanted to buy from Tom
Jordan's surname
What Gatsby almost knocks off of Nick's mantelpiece
Fitzgerald's first novel: This ___ of Paradise
After Gatsby's death, Klipspringer calls looking for his ___.
Nick's father reminds him that "all the people in the world haven't had the same ___ you've had"
Gatsby represents everything for which Nick has "unaffected ___"
Decade story takes place
Name of the tabloid Myrtle reads: Town ___
Wolfsheim's first name
State Fitzgerald is from
The day Myrtle dies is Nick's ___.
Fitzgerald's wife
These make Daisy cry.
Driving the car when Myrtle was killed.
Gatsby's outstanding facial feature
Tom and Daisy's house is located in ___ Egg.
Where Nick and Tom first met
Season story takes place
Nick's "cardinal virtue"
What Gatsby replaced for partygoer Lucille
___ of Ashes
What Wolfsheim's cufflinks are made of
Nick's surname
Drunk man in Gatsby's library (2 words)
Where Daisy's green light is located
Nick's relationship to Daisy
The less fashionable Egg
Myrtle's is broken by the end of Chapter 2
Myrtle's sister's name
Color of Gatsby's suit that annoys Tom
Type of dog Myrtle would like to own
Jordan's sport
Color of Dr. Eckleburg's spectacles
According to Gatsby, during the war, he tried very hard to ___.
What Gatsby bought to impress Daisy
Daisy's "absolute little dream"
What Montenegro gave Gatsby
Owl Eyes is impressed that Gatsby's books are ___.
Fitzgerald defined the age he lived in as the ___ Age.
Short for the kind of car Gatsby owns
The word that Myrtle should not have said
Dr. Eckleburg's initials