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Budgeting Vocabulary

A plan for your money
the total amount of income from wages before any payroll deductions
Money the government takes from your paycheck
an expense that changes from month to month
Income (after taxes, loans, and bills) that is available to you for saving or spending
Amount of money left once all deductions have been taken from gross income
Something that costs you money
Something to put your money in
to put money in or take money out of your account
an account you put money in to save up for emergencies, vacations, etc.
a detailed list of items or services and how much they cost
To put money into your account
To take money out of your account
expenses which stay basically the same from month to month, such as housing and insurance.
How much money you have in your account right now
Expenses that occur periodically (like vacations)
Money that you earn; paycheck
Anything of value that is owned
Your assets (everything you have of money value) MINUS your liabilities (the money you owe to others)
Money you owe to others