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High School Hope

School, an accumulation of learning
Something to write on
Aware, how one can gain information
Like a sponge and liquid
Historical version of people in a new land, French
Places to stand or work, may move in sequence to different ones
Scans knowledge gained from course information
Short sessions of sleep
A list of events/places you attend
Clogged pores
Primary education
Foreign language, advanced
Chairs, floors, sofas, stools, desks, toilets
Roses, chocolates, kisses, etc.
Acquire knowledge
Ability to move up, aptitude
People who do something and create success
North, south, and central
Time put in
Alone, without effort
To gain intelligence
A place for vehicles to pick up students
Latin, reasoning for ones self
Places to sit or get tasks done
Put on breakfast items, sometimes served in school cafeterias
Something gained through hard work and dedication
Basic skill, math
A drink to sooth the mind
Rid of toxins, like bad habits or friends
Painting, art
A section, place (of school or anywhere)