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How Much Do You Know About MLK?

He met his wife ______ while in graduate school.
Dr. King received his doctorate from ______ University.
He and his wife raised ____ children.
Dr. King organized a boycott of city buses in support of _____ Parks.
Dr. King believed that struggles could be met with _________.
Dr. King's trip to Memphis in 1968 was to support _______ workers.
Both MKL and his father were _____ ministers.
Martin Luther King's original name was ______.
Dr. King received the Nobel Prize for ______.
Dr. King organized the _______ Christian Leadership Conference.
Dr. King wrote Letters from a ________ Jail.
Dr. King was a strong supporter of the Fair _____ Act.
Dr. King was killed in what city?
"The time is always right to do what's _____," said Dr. King.
Dr. King was born in this city.