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Science: Geology

Chapter 9
Similar to shale but harder
The area between the equator and a pole
Warmest ocean
A deposit of sand and soil at the mouth of a river
Slow moving forms of ice
Using nature's resources wisely
The top layer of the earth's surface; madeof bedrock
The center of the earth; is made of hot iron and nickel
Any helpful resource not made by man
Round like a ball
The spinning motion of the earth
Includes the countries of France, Italy, and Germany
Hot, liquid rock
An imaginary line that runs North to South through the center of the earth.
The pathway of the earth
Soil and sand
An imaginary line that runs around the middle of the earth
Rare costly minerals
Smallest and coldest ocean
The distance around an object
Includes the countries of Rio, Peru, and Chile
A scientist who studies the earth
The movement of the earth around the sun
The upper layer of soil
The wearing away of earth's topsoil
Matter that settles at the bottom of rivers and oceans
Decayed plant and animal material
The largest continent
The largest ocean