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_ Time
Mary had a one
European avant-garde movement in the 20th
Old McDonalds letters
Mama Mia band
One play on words
Drift in a relationship
7 days of fins and teeth
The old grey one
A glass or put
Opus Musicom composer
Bitter critique
Does anybody else - slang abbr.
Get rid of
Ronald James Padavona's band
Medical systems for short
One sex drive
To be
Spanish writer Miguel
Itzhak's tool, but larger
"Sort of bull"
Add chilly cream
Scrappy The Eagle home; abbr.
A bow is one
Mr. Newton of the gridiron
Fresh waves
The bunny's coming right for us
Michael's brother
Like 1 across
_ of scale
Dots and dashes
Oliver Thornton's middle
One double
_ Football
My Three ____
Big Apple 1st responders
Before & After clue: Bar ____ Pigeon
Michael Scott product size
Hamden's Int'l pic contest
31,536,000 seconds
Beyonce sings about it and Microsoft font (abbr.)
"Also ties"
Two years to get smarter
Cheers spot
Kenyan cocktail
King Kong's addition to a wiki (watch your spelling :))
Payment time
Above feet
Ottoman tributary state
He _ she _
Two writing tools clues - helps you "see the light" + preposition for "place atop"
Coffee/Juice bar in Greenville, SC
Like a BFF
Pacino and Bundy
70's influential humor mag.
WOT focus
Subject of "Bud, Sweat, and Tees"
Note of commit., in other words
Something to grind
FL's athletic bvg.
Fresh and clean
Give up grass
Ctrl + Z
Painful back 40
Dodgeball movie channel; Spanish
Traffic jam
A type of coat
Election statistics org.
Sandwich cookie
European Specialist Nurses Org.
Corn _
Super or Bat
No _, Duran's quitting cry