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Chem 6 - History

Ms. Mandigo's class
Finish this puzzle WITHOUT using your notes!
First modern atomic theorist
A representation of an atom
Has 25 protons
H, N, O, F, Cl, Br, I
An X-cellent noble gas
Rutherford decided that atoms had these dense center cores
A student of Thomsons
Can mean brightly colored or a special kind of light
He discovered electrons
Heisenberg and Schrodinger developed this kind of mechanics
Used to mix, heat, and stir
Forms on the outside of a cold glass - is a phase change from gas to liquid
S, p, d, f
A type of pure substance made of pure substances
Used for making solutions and dilutions
Ice, not water
It can be heterogeneous or homogeneous
The original theorist
Used to look at tiny things, even atoms!
An alien who wants to phone home
A pause in speech
Silicon plus Potassium
Not off
Opposite of don't
First theorist to have neutrons
Test ____: small glass vessels
Myself and I