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Ohio Drives Compliance!

The Annual Compliance Refresher ________ was amazing!
The department responsible for managing communication with ODM.
MHO's Compliance Officer
Who has to prior approval our member or marketing materials?
The document that lists our provider network.
The way we document how we fix problems.
The Ohio Department of Medicaid
Taking responsibility for your work.
Name of Ohio's MMP program.
We're required to maintain accreditation from this quality assurance organization.
The hotline you call to make a report of fraud or noncompliance.
It's always okay to ask __________.
Claims data we send to ODM
The group of people who oversee MHO's compliance program.
To keep under regular, systematic review.
Our contract with the Ohio Department of Medicaid
Anytime a member voices dissatisfaction.
The document that lays out expectations for Molina's employees.
MHO's Compliance Officer is accountable to this group of people.
You can report any concern without fear of _________.
An examination of processes.
ODM's contracted auditors.
The document that tells our members about our services.
The number of Compliance Assessment Points we could receive for failing Call Center Standards.
Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.