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Galileo Galilei & The Age of Enlightenment - Newsela assignment 10/25

Teacher: L. Neihouse
Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religion.
"I think therefore I am"
Stringed instrument played by Galileo's father.
Throwing out the old authorities to remake society along rational lines.
Book written by Isaac Newton during the Enlightenment.
Branch of math invented by Newton that was very precise.
What Galileo first studied
This falling ice caused Galileo to question Aristotle's beliefs about acceleration.
Moons of this planet were observed by Galileo.
Galileo's first known astronomical observation.
City in Italy where Galileo died.
Place where proposed statue of Galileo was to be but in 2009 plans were suspended.
Also called "The Age of Reason".
Model where all planets orbit the sun.
Model of universe where planets revolve around sun.
Italian city where Galileo was born.
Galileo's religious belief.