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An Archaeological Vocabulary Puzzle

Dates with a number attached
Dates by sequence of layers
Term for a burned fire pit
Abbreviation for before the present
Topographical sample approach
Term for tree ring dating
Object made, modified, or used by person/people
Artifact in isolation
Systems of equipment knowledge
Pick test units by surface clues
Surface collection of projectile points only
Abbreviation for stones broken by fire and water action (archaeological)
Latin term for "in place"
Layers/strata based on rock sequences
Abbreviation for shovel test pit
Politically-correct & ethical term for burials--not specimens
Politically correct abbreviation alternative for BC
Sampling every 5 squares
Another term for location or setting used in anthropological archaeology
Term for associations of an object or feature in the ground
Are function & use the same thing?
Focus on human-environmental relationships
Testing in 5 x 5 squares
Study of stone tools
Location from which all other points are measured
Study of artifacts by layers
Dates of sites like 3000 bce
Study of pollen cores
1990 Law for Native American cultural patrimony