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History 99 - Greece and Rome

The Etruscan's were excellent
The book, The "republic" was written by him
Greek Queen of Egypt
The Greeks added vowels to this alphabet
The Punic war that led to the destruction of Carthage
" Golden Mean" was put forth by...
The Biblical period which the Hellenistic Age covered
First Roman Emperor
Rome made money out of them
The basic unit of the Roman army
Athens was the leading City-state throughout this period
Blind Poet
Carthaginian leader in the second Punic war
The early Roma army was made up of these people
Tiberius and Gaius ...... failed in their reforms
The "age" in Greece between 1100 B.C and 800 B.C
Greek Philosophy Teachers
One of Homer's poems
No hope for eternity
Famous Greek Historian
Popular Assembly in Athens
He Built the Parthenon
Alexander the Great founded this city in Egypt
Devoted themselves to military training and war
Wars between 492 and 479 B.C
Rocky and mountainous
The wars written about in poems
"know Thyself"
Roman Orator
He captured Palestine in 63 B.C