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The Enlightenment & Reform Judaism

Teacher: Mrs. Brown
Even though Mendelssohn had many modern ideas, throughout his life, he remained an _____ Jew.
An 18th century philosophical movement in Europe characterized by rationalism and learning.
Name the German Jewish scholar who believed that the Jews living in the ghettos needed to learn the ways of the modern world.
German and Russian Jews who immigrated to America were ____ Jews.
Isaac Mayer Wise is considered the founder if the ____ movement of Judaism.
Jews who had permission to live outside the ghetto were known as ___ Jews.
This country granted Jews rights as full citizens 100 years after France, in 1891.
Isaac Mayer Wise spoke out against missionaries who tried to ___ Jews.
Moses Mendelssohn and Isaac Leeser both ___ the Torah into their native languages.
A confined area of a city in which many members of a minority group were forced to live.
The Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) was founded by this person.
Isaac Leeser was the first person in America to publish books in English about Judaism. Leeser wrote and published on Jewish subjects hoping that Jews in America would become more ____.
Poor Jews from Eastern Europe traveled to America in the _____ section of the ship. They had to sleep on wooden shelves and it was very crowded at the bottom of the ship.
Mendelssohn thought it was important that Jews in Germany join the world of modern _____.
Israel ____ , a German businessman, opened a school to educate Jewish children in Judaism AND modern sciences.
The word for enlightenment in Hebrew. (the name of a movement in Europe freeing Jews)
Issac Mayer Wise was dedicated to Jewish _____.
In 1791, Jews became full citizens of this country.