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The Enlightenment

System of thought expounded by Descartes based on the belief that reason is the chief source of knowledge.
Uncertain about anything except his own existence. Coined the phrase "I think therefore I am"
Advocated women's rights
Systematic procedure for collecting and analyzing evidence that was crucial to the evolution of science in the modern world.
Term applied to all intellectuals during the Enlightenment.
Advocated government staying out of economy.
Said that people were basically selfish, and if people existed in a natural state, there would be war of all against all.
Concept that an entire society agrees to be governed by its general will and all individuals should be forced to abide by it since it represents what's best for entire community.
Religious philosophy based on reason and natural law.
Concept that the state should not impose government regulations but should leave the economy alone
Thinker who advocated separation of powers.
Blank slate
Thinker who advocated tolerance.
Thinker that believed that people had a right to defend their life and liberty.