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Rad Science 1 Review 1

What is the name of the processing technique that can be used to increase contrast and spatial resolution of an image?
If an image were made using 500 mA, 0.2 seconds, and 75 kVp, what would the mAs be for this exposure?
X-rays that leave the x-ray tube exit via the:
Each square picture element in a digital viewing monitor is called a:
The computed radiography cassette is called a(n) _____ plate.
Which of the following tells the operator that the correct exposure has been received by the phosphors in the imaging plate?
What is required to move the electron stream rapidly across the x-ray tube?
The boxlike device attached under the tube housing that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field is called a:
_____ is prevented by flooding the erased imaging plate with bright light.
The absorption of x-rays by matter is called:
The unit used to indicate the total quantity of x-rays in an exposure is:
When exposure time is very short, the time is usually measured in:
An IR that has been exposed to a body part but has not yet been processed has an unseen image called the:
The term that applies to the quantity of electrons flowing through a circuit is:
Which control on the viewing station controls the brightness, in the radiographic image?
When an atom gains or loses an electron, the process is called:
More than 99% of the energy applied to an x-ray tube is converted into:
The number of gray shades that a digital system can reproduce is termed:
The anode, or target, of the x-ray tube is ______ charged.
The “electron cloud” that surrounds the hot cathode is referred to as a:
The x-ray tube inside the protective housing is made of _____glass.
The purpose of rotating the x-ray tube target is to ________heat
Generalized unwanted exposure on the image is called:
The computer software function that allows any type of “text” to be written on a radiographic image is:
Which control on the viewing station can blacken the clear or white areas around the collimation edges of a radiograph?
The amount of detail or sharpness in the digital image is termed:
The current across the x-ray tube is measured in units of:
“Window width” controls which aspect of the radiographic image?
What percentage of the total energy applied to an x-ray tube target is converted into x-rays?
The universally accepted standard for exchanging radiographic images inside and outside the institution, and among all manufacturers, is which of the following?