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Georgia Geography Puzzle

The major city in the Coastal Plain (outer)
Region of US that Georgia is in
One major city in Blue Ridge
One of Georgia's regions that was a prehistoric ocean
The state that the six regions are located in
The region that has a lot of waterfalls
Separates the piedmont and Coastal Plain regions
One of the major cities in the Ridge and Valley
The region that is also means "foot of the hills"
This physical feature is the largest freshwater swamp in North America
Georgia's highest peaks are found in this physical feature
Primarily drinking water for the people who live in the Piedmont area
Hemisphere Georgia is in
Georgia's capital
Major source of drinking water in Savannah
This region is known for carpeting
This physical feature is mainly for tourist and recreation destination
Nation that Georgia is in
Another name for the Piedmont region
This region is the beginning of the Appalachian Trail