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Georgia's Regions by:Lake Mathison

What animal thrives in the Okefenokee
Main water source for GA,AL,FL
Coastal ___ has pecans and onions
Good for cargo ships and starts outside of Georgia
Average temps
Seperates Coastal Plain and Piedmont
How many states border Georgia
What hemisphere is Georgia in
The Barrier Islands are on the _________ coast of Georgia
Appalachian plateau is ___ for farming
Prevents natural disasters
Piedmont region has _______ mountain
Blue ridge receives ___ rainfall
The Savannah flows into the____
The Okefenokee swamp has ____ water
Largest Region in Georgia
Georgia is ____ for farmers
Best for beach people
Contains Dade County
What region is georgia in
Alabama is on the ___ coast of Georgia
North _______ is where Georgia is
Largest Freshwater Swamp in Georgia
Carpet Factories and Textiles
What part of the nation is Georgia in
The Okefenokee swamp is in ____ Georgia
What country is Georgia in
The Savannah river flows through Georgia and______
South Georgia has best ____ land
Georgia is known for the _____
There are _____ regions in Georgia
The Atlantic ocean is on the ____ coast of Georgia
Georgia's __ clay