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Idaho and Nonfiction Words

What state do you live in?
This is the study of lakes, rivers, mountains, and other landforms.
The genre of books that are true
The most popular type of covered wagon used on the Oregon Trail
These explain a photograph
It's like a mini-dictionary at the back of a nonfiction text
A deadly disease people caught along the trail from nasty water
These are smaller headings that are in nonfiction text and give a title to smaller sections
The place in Missouri where many wagon trains began
Slow animals that pulled wagons
The Prairie Schooner and Conestoga are examples of these
The river that starts at the Mississippi and travels west and splits into three forks at the end
This is a text feature that lists the chapter titles and page numbers of each section in the book
The 2000 mile long trail that many people traveled on so they could claim land and make a better life for themselves.
We have studied 5 main nonfiction _______________ (description, cause & effect, problem/solution, etc.)
The last names of the two men who went on an expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase and other land to the west.
Real life pictures
These wagons were just too big and heavy to use on the Oregon Trail
Nonfiction books use ___________ ______________ to help you understand the text.
A gathering where mountain men traded furs and played contests
Group of people who traveled on the Oregon Trail and were the first to settle and make a homestead in the west.