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Great Gatsby Crossword

This character completes the 'Holocaust' by committing suicide
Bare and inhabited; isolated
Tries to impress and rekindle a relationship with Daisy
The way of death for Tom
Author of the novel
Without interest
Where Gatsby is murdered
Jordan's profession
Surname of the oculist who placed a large billboard in the Valley of Ashes
The university both Tom and Nick attended
Gatsby uses this make of car to ferry people back and forth from his parties
Nick's cousin whom Gatsby is in love with
Who tells Nick that Daisy & Gatsby were once in love.
So we beat on, _ against the current
Tom's gift to his mistress
It was in the Hopalong Cassidy book
Daisy is from 'old money' and this city in the South
Where the Buchanans and Sloans live
The novel's narrator
Gatsby's partner in his illegal business
Gatsby's real name
A subtle or indirect hint
Nick's nickname for his home
It took Gatsby 3 years to make money to buy this
Tom Buchanan's sport
Motivated or persuaded to do something
Gatsby told Nick he was educated there
Sharing in knowledge of (something secret or private)
Color of the light on the dock
Tom breaks Myrtle's ____