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The Catholic Mass Crossword Puzzle

A short verse or hymn expressing praise of God
Another name for an altar server
Main body of a church where worshippers gather
The entry of the priest and others at the Mass
Plate that holds the unconsecrated bread
Book containing Scripture readings for the Mass
Bowl or basin that catches the water when the priest washes his hands
Prayer for the sending of the Holy Spirit
A mat placed over the altar cloth to catch crumbs of the Eucharistic hosts
Color of vestments on Pentecost, Good Friday, and feast days of martyrs
Font that holds holy water
The outer vestment the priest wears at Mass
General intercessions during the Mass (4 words)
A short hymn or verse from Scripture
Candle that burns when host is in tabernacle (2 words)
Container used to hold the Eucharistic hosts
A tool used to sprinkle holy water on the congregation
Color of vestments during Christmas, Easter, and certain feast days
Book containing the prayers the priest used during Mass
An altar server bearing a crucifix at the front of the procession
Piece of cloth draped over the chalice (2 words)
Color of vestments during Lent and Advent
Area in a church set apart for the altar
Color of vestments during Ordinary Time
Person who leads sung parts of the Mass
A long narrow strip of cloth worn around the neck and down the front of the alb
Small cloth used to wipe the rim of the chalice
Part of the Mass that memorializes the Lord's death and Resurrection
Book of prayers and blessings used by the priest for the Mass (2 words)
A censer
Small table used to hold items needed for the Mass (2 words)
Priest who celebrates the Mass
An ordained assistant to a priest
Candle lit during Easter and Masses of Christian Burial (2 words)
Container that holds the consecrated hosts left over from the Mass
A substance that is burned to produce a sweet smell
A braided cord worn at the waist of the alb
Lectern from which Scriptures are proclaimed
Cup that holds the consecrated wine and water of Christ's blood
A vessel used for burning incense
Small container used to transport the Eucharistic hosts for distribution outside the Mass
A priest's white foundation vestment