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District 9757 Ohio Trivia Contest

Cincy TV show
Brings good luck.
Largest population of this religion lives in OH
First team Canton 1920
Sweet treat invented in Cleveland, OH
Oldest concrete street in US poured here.
President Who Won Spanish-American War
This Nirvana band member born in OH.
50% of US Population lives within 500 miles of this city.
Old NFL team from Portsmouth, OH
Named after Queen of France
Home of "world's largest basket" not a building
Has 5 championships
River caught fire 13 times!
OH has 50-100 of these.
Marching Band
First interracial and coeducational college in US.
Smallest county
More than 5 of these in your house will get you arrested in OH.
First African American to win US Gold Medal
Lost In Middle America PBS documentary
Illegal to kill this mammal on Sundays
Famous house in Carlisle, OH
First African American Mayor of Major US city
Shortest POTUS term in history
Ohio's first inhabitants
Wall of gum
President when OH became a state for real.
No Aaron Burr here, its illegal
First US city to use police cars
Invented first gas powered car in Ohio City, OH
Field of corn art
The other fast food chain from OH
This famous spread company from OH
Lake Monster
Fast Food Chain started in OH
Famous OH Native (Milan, OH)
Mechanical cash register invented here.
Only President to serve 2 full terms.