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Animal Farm Vocab

A state of rest, composure, or tranquility
Animal who repeats "Napoleon is always right!"
Morally distasteful or contemptuous.
A person who opposes the majority or official opinion
Persuasive speaking and writing
Song that is banned on Animal Farm because "there is no more need for it"
Cruel, oppressive, or unreasonable use of control
Very difficult to change or overcome
Having a mysterious or secret meaning
Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame
Suitable land for growing crops
Last name of dictator Napoleon symbolizes
The state of feeling or acting hostile towards someone or something
Not able to be controlled or restrained
Melancholy and gloomy behavior
To obtain something with care or effort
Napoleon had the near-empty food bins be filled with this to appear full
Having or showing a desire to hurt others
Animals were slaughtered in large numbers after pledging secret loyalty to this animal
Uses irony to criticize or expose hypocrisy and stupidity