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Green Iguanas Flooding Florida

The droppings of green iguanas are a significant cleanup problem , and a potential source of salmonella ________.
Reptiles are hunted for food and for their skins(to make _______). 87 WT
Alligators and _______ are more advanced reptiles, having four-chambered hearts. ( WT 86)
Many reptiles spend most of their time in water but they breathe using _______.
Reptiles have a scaly skin and a shell-covered egg, both of which retain ___________, adaptations for surviving totally on Land.
Most reptiles have a three-________ heart. 86 WT
The green iguanas are native to Central and south ______.
Lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles are classified as _________.
In their native countries the iguanas are sometimes referred to as the " ________ of the Trees."
Two other exotic reptiles in South Florida are the black-and-white tegu ______ and the Burmese Pythons.