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Lord of the Flies #1-9

Piggy will be more like a _________ to Ralph, and will do all the work no one else wants to do.
Piggy is picked on mostly for how _________ he is
"leaving only a fridge of palm between the ________ and the sea."
The conch shell was originally used as a call for ____________ all the boys.
"The children the same __________ that they had given to the men with megaphones."
Piggy is very __________ throughout the first chapter, he has a different mindset then the rest of the boys.
_________ will be Ralph's main mad who is trusts the most.
The other boys believe that Ralph's ___________ is coming to save them.
Lots of young men, in the story, and in our lives, strive to be superior ____________.
Ralph will be a ___________ leader, but will show signs of not being fair and immaturity.
Jack was scared to kill the piglet because he was didn't want to kill anything that ______________
What boy was the most realistic?
"Ralph smiled ad help up the conch for ___________."
The conch was then used to make ___________ chief, and make all the others follow his orders