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Idaho Appreciation

Idaho's oldest town
What was the name of the famous 1877 confrontation between the US Army and the local tribes?
What Canadian province borders Idaho to the North?
Idaho's longest river
Seven Devils' Peaks, one of the highest mountain ranges in Idaho, sightseers can look into how many states?
Home to Idaho State University
Soda Springs boasts the largest man-made ______ in the world.
Highest mountain in Idaho
Gateway City to the Birds of Prey Natural Area
Home of America's first destination ski resort.
Idaho's first permanent settlement came in 1860 when members of a religious group settled in the southeast part of the state.
Home of National Old Time Fiddlers Contest.
Idaho's state fish
The first white men to explore present-day Idaho were Lewis & Clark in 1805. What was the name of the Shoshone guide who assisted them in getting through Idaho?
Which state was originally going to be named Idaho?
Idaho grows 27 ____ annually
What was the economy of Idaho City originally?
State Capital
Home of BYU Idaho
Pres. Theodore Roosevelt established the ______ National Forest in 1907. The area now covers more than 1 million acres in southeast Idaho.
Home of Idaho's Annual Spud Day since 1927.
Treasure Valley area around Nampa is know as Idaho's ______ Belt.