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Ancient Greek Crossword Puzzle

Alec Watkins
We would think the world was flat without him
Doctors work in the medical field recite his oath
3 part method that people use to find a final conclusion
We would never have mechanical contraptions using levers if he was not alive
Neurologists needs this to be able to study the thinking process
Ben Franklin would love his work
He would have become a Geometry teacher if he could
Athenian Philosopher who would want to study the brain's activity
Scientists need his method to be able to get final conclusions
It was a school just like ours
History would be different if he had not figured out that the earth went around the sun
Doctors need to follow this to be able to work in the hospital
Developed what is a starting point for further investigation
Police use this method to interrogate people
He would have become a math teacher at school
The government needs this method to be able to function
Must be tested before proven right
A book that would make the whole government balanced
He could have worked in government because of his love for order
Historians would love to read his work to see what the Persian war was about
Tycho Brahe would like all the work that he did