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What is Cabin Boy, Master, Commodore and Vice Admiral?
How was every lodge of females feeling about being adopted and under the guardianship of some regular Masonic lodge?
Degree was founded by and made into the chapter degree system by.
What new society was instituted in 1747?
Who in 1774, established a new rite?
What was one of the first of those societies?
What name did they adopt?
Still exist there and other parts of Europe.
In the United State the Adoptive Rite is called.
What new rite did the Grand Orient of France established?
In Good Standing has a relationship with the females in the society.
Is implied that system of forms, ceremonies, and explanatory lessons.
Lodge of Adoption was under the patronage of who?
What name did the French give for Adoptive Masonry?
Who was provide rule and regulations for governing?
What secret societies, initiating freemasonry for the admission of females as members were first organized in?