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Florida Career College - Pembroke Pines

What does dx stand for?
The main nerve in the lower jaw is called this?
Program that prepares you to be able to prevent illness; promote, maintain and restore health; the alleviate suffering; and support of the individual.
Program that prepares you to fix and troubleshoot Air Conditioning Units
Connectivity device that transfers packets of data between two or more networks.
The number one key to success while going to become a successful Graduate.
Who certifies Medical Front Office Billing students at FCC?
Medical word for inflammation surrounding the Heart.
A patient in shock should be placed in which position?
When administering a saline enema, how many inches above the mattress should the saline bag be hung?
The number one key to success while going to become a successful Graduate.
The main circuit board that contains the central electronic components of the computer.
Defines the path of the X-Ray beam
Program that prepares you with the overall financial and reimbursement process of a health care facility.
As a First Aid responder you would place a tooth that has been knocked out of a person's mouth into which liquid to preserve the root?
The number one key to success while going to become a successful Graduate.
When performing an ECG, how many electrodes are placed on the patient?
An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money is called?
Program that prepares you for outpatient centers, diagnostic labs, and in physician offices.
What’s another name for sensible heat?
What organization monitors Radiologic Technology?
When a student performs in the clinical setting after successfully completing all of their courses, this is known as this.
Copy of files that you can use to replace the originals if they are lost or damaged.
Successfully completing your program and properly applying yourself will increase your opportunities for not a job but a?
A network of networks that connects billions of computer users globally.
Someone who breaks into computer systems to create mischief or steal information.
The killing of all pathogens and spores is known as this. Autoclave: The machine used to sterilize medical instruments is called this.
What produces X-Ray?
In electrical circuits, this wire protects the operator
Which color tube top is used when drawing blood for a CBC?
This individual Invented X-Rays.
The drawing of blood is called this.
Program that prepares you to do administrative tasks, such as scheduling patient appointments, and clinical services.
What is the third molar referred to as?
Me, him, she, he, they, I, them, and you are examples of what type of nouns.
The Fahrenheit absolute scale is called what scale?
Program that prepares you to work in a variety of settings that include homes, hospitals, offices, and living facilities.
Program that manages the exchange of data between the OS and all the input and output devices attached to the system.
Program that develops the skills required install, configure, and maintain networks and computer repair.