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Animals in Groups

Mens' cooking
Cheetahs in a minority government
Cormorants guzzling too much water
Trouble-making mice
Buzzards keeping vigil
Pirate's prosthesis
Handmade (Acr.)
Frisky otters
Prefix denoting removal
Nightingales on the look-out
Raccoons staring at you
Commercial ferrets
Hippos with edema
Stubborn buffalo
Rattlesnakes who tidy up around the house
Antelope, from a distance
Asses behind the wheel of a car
Organized, criminal emus
Prevent from reaching a verdict
Alligators in Church
Porcupines in Vinegar
Detective bears
Stingrays that are too hot
Part of a circle
Badgers with guest in town
Stringed instrument
Ants in another land
Hawks that boil water
Return to default
Flexible organ of some cephalopods
Militant caterpillars
Give as a gift
Zebras in a longtitudinal experiment
Larks rising
Giraffes from afar
An adult acorn
Arrogant lions
A while back
Calmest part of the storm
Rhinos in an accident
Tigers lying in wait
Sage apes
Guilty crows
Baboons on a ridge
Bats before a storm
Musical coyotes
Eagles at an awards ceremony
Give weapons
Elected owls
Energy-storing barracudas
Learning fish
Cobras in an archery competition
Clams tucked in for the night
Elephants never forget
Road division
Crabs on a stage
Give up a bad habit
They get stubbed