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Enlightenment Terms

Defined as "Love of, and search for, knowledge"
Wrote the book "The Social Contract"
Adam Smith is called the father of this economic system
French enlightenment thinkers were called this
Hobbes' book in which he describes people as cruel, greedy and selfish.
Book written by Adam Smith that encouraged Laissez-Faire economics
Compiled the "Encyclopedia"
Philosopher who believed that people were basically good and reasonable
The most famous of the French philosophers
Enlightenment philosopher who believed that people basically were terrible
Diderot compiled many articles on science and life to form this multi-part book
French thinkers who focused on economic matters
Montesquieu's book where he described the idea of separation of powers
Proposed by Rousseau, this "social" arrangement was an agreement between the people and the government
John Locke believed that all people were born with these
Rules that can discovered by using reason
Economic concept that replaced Mercantilism; French term for "leave it alone"
Philosopher who believed in the Separation of Powers
Though many enlightenment philosophers were French, Hobbes and Locke (along with physiocrat Adam Smith) were from this country