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Election Day Crossword

An election in which people vote for the presidential candidate they want to represent their party in the national election
Surveys that ask members of the public how they feel about different issues
A candidate who is running for office with another candidate on the same ticket
News organizations who deliver information through television, newspaper, radio, or internet
Period of time that candidates work to inform the public and gain support prior to the election
Meetings where a political party chooses a presidential candidate
Organized groups of people who share similar beliefs about how the government should be run and how the issues facing our country should be solved
A tally of all the votes citizens have cast in the presidential election
A way for voters to show their vote preferences
The candidate a political party chooses to run in the national election
An informal poll taken as people leave the voting booth
Meeting where political party leaders chose candidates through discussion and consensus
More that 50% of the votes cast
The Tuesday after the first monday of november
The day a new president and vice president are sworn into office
Each state has a group of people called electors who cast the actual vote for president
A person who is not associated with any political party
Any political party other than the two major parties
The process of gathering public support for a candidate
Counting the votes again if there is a disagreement about the election process