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Controversy where state legislators were bribed to sell Georgia's western lands to four private companies
Was eventually capital during the western expansion
Court case that decided Georgia laws did not apply in the Cherokee nation and the missionaries should be freed
Technological development that led to increased markets, more efficient trade and transportation, and the rise of cities
Made harvesting cotton more efficient, increased the state's dependence on the crop, and increased the demand for slavery
The forced removal of the Cherokee Indians
Creek Chief that signed a treaty ending the Oconee War, giving away Creek lands east of the Oconee River
City that formed mainly as a railroad hub
Cherokee Chief that was not in favor of removal and remained on his land with his people until they were removed during the Trail of Tears
New capital of Georgia in 1786
First land granted school in the United States
Were Catholics who helped others in churches who helped others giving out freedom to others
Creek Chief that signed a treaty ceding all remaining Creek land to the government, and was murdered for betraying his people
Supreme Court Chief Justice who attempted to protect the Cherokee's land in the Worcester v. Georgia ruling
developed the Cherokee written language, a syllabary
Were Catholics doing the same as baptists, helping others on the future giving out freedom
President who did not help Cherokee Indians keep their land in Georgia
Location of the America's first gold rush which led t o the removal of the Cherokee Indians
The main way Georgia attempted to increase the population in the western part of the state in the early 1800s
Name to remember the five capitals of Georgia in chronological order