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Catcher in the Rye

a type of bird that is mentioned in the book
last name of Holden’s favorite teacher at Elkton Hills
Common form of transportation in New York City
person who comes to visit Phoebe during Holden’s visit
state where Holden lived
someone who doesn’t believe in war or violence
first name of Holden’s date
the Caufield’s maid
talented pianist at the club in Greenwich village
what is Holden trying to preserve
last name of a student that commits suicide at Elkton Hills
type of car that Jane and her mother drove
most interesting cab driver in the book
name of Holden’s roommate at Pencey
state where Allie lived
name of Holden’s sister
name of a History teacher at Pencey Prep
city where Holden lives for the majority of the book
place where people drink beer
Holden was ________ from high school
name of Holden’s dead brother
opposite of future
meaning of Phoebe’s name
____ in the past
a clothing accessory that someone wears when their hands are cold
person who invites Holden to sit with her and her friend at the club
Sunny’s pimp
park where the ice rink is located
teenage prostitute at the Edmont Hotel
nickname for New York City
last name of the girl that turns down Holden’s request for a date
first name of Stradlater’s date
wealthy alum that gives a speech at the chapel
Holden is Phoebe’s ______
Ernest’s last name
name of Mr. Antolini’s wife
Phoebe is Holden’s ______
an activity that someone does in the winter
last name of Holden’s annoying neighbor at Pencey
name of Holden’s other brother